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Immigration Curriculum Project
2005-2006 Teacher Grant Program
Last updated March 16, 2005

The American Immigration Law Foundation will award grants nationwide for the 2005-2006 school year, of $500 to $1,000, to fund a limited number of K-12 grade level projects that provide education about immigrants and immigration. The Foundation seeks to fund activities that are supportive of AILF’s mission of promoting the benefits of immigrants to our nation.

Applications are limited to educators teaching in public or private primary, intermediate, and secondary level schools. Proposals that are classroom-based will receive strong consideration, and the Foundation encourages projects that can be replicated in other classrooms across the nation. Grants are non-renewable. The due date for submissions to AILF is April 8, 2005.

Recipients will be selected by AILF's Teacher Advisory Board and announced in May, 2005. Grants will be paid to the teacher submitting the proposal. Funds will be disbursed in July, 2005, with project completion due by April 30, 2006. A summary lesson plan and sample materials must be submitted to AILF by that time, and become the property of AILF, for use on the Foundation website and in print materials.

Application Components (you must include each of these items!)

  1. A completed application form.
  2. An essay detailing the objectives of the proposed project, a time-line for the activity, a list of resources to be used and/or created, and an explanation of how the proposed project might be used by others. Also, please include at least one paragraph of autobiographical information, and tell us about any previous immigration-related curriculum activities you have conducted.
  3. Proposed budget with estimated expenses.

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