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Last updated November 19, 2008

The Litigation Clearinghouse serves as a national point of contact for lawyers conducting or contemplating immigration litigation. The Clearinghouse issues Litigation Clearinghouse Newsletters, posts Supreme Court developments, and produces Litigation Issue Pages, which are issue-specific web pages focusing on select topics currently being litigated in the federal courts. The LAC encourages immigration attorneys to contact the Clearinghouse to share information about your cases at

Litigation Clearinghouse:

  • Litigation Clearinghouse Newsletters: These timely newsletters discuss topics currently being litigated by immigration lawyers nationwide. The newsletters also highlight resources, share novel arguments, provide updates on AILF litigation and resources, and give updates on Supreme Court developments.

  • Litigation Issue Pages: These issue-specific pages focus on topics currently being litigated in the federal courts. The pages include recent Litigation Clearinghouse Newsletter articles, court updates, and relevant resources such as practice advisories and pleadings, where available.
  • Supreme Court Update: The Supreme Court Update provides information about recent Supreme Court decisions in immigration cases, immigration cases where the Supreme Court has granted a petition for certiorari, and selected pending petitions for certiorari. The site features case summaries, dates for oral argument and additional resources related to each case such as amicus briefs and practice advisories.
  • Immigration Law Organizations that Provide Litigation Support: AILF’s Litigation Clearinghouse Newsletter highlights organizations around the country that provide litigation support on select topics to immigration practitioners. This page lists each highlighted organization, what they do, and provides contact information

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