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Last updated October 25, 2004


The after-effects of September 11 continue to take their toll on noncitizens. Indefinite detentions, Affirmance Without Opinion (AWO) decisions by the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA), workplace raids, and tightened immigration regulations affect all noncitizens.

As the conditions and challenges facing noncitizens and their attorneys shift, the LAC continues its service as a resource and advocate for litigation. The LAC's work on post September 11 issues aims to follow the changing needs of noncitizens and their attorneys in the new environment of homeland security.

Post Sept. 11 Legal Resources
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Custody/Bond Determination Materials

  • Arrest, Detention and Bond Procedures For Noncitizens Without Criminal Convictions (HTML version) (pdf version) - Practice Advisory by Traci Hong

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